Day 186/365: Recommited?

So today I headed back to Chicago with a somewhat renewed feeling about our business.

I say “somewhat” because I feel like “Where is the excitement that my biz partner is experiencing?” I figured by now I would be getting downloads of information about how to proceed in this joint venture, but I haven’t.

It could be that I’m exhausted from the weekend, but I thought I’d be pumped up, or at least more pumped up.

I still feel like something is missing, but I can’t quite put my finger on it.

More exploration is in order for me to be able to discern how to move forward. But I do feel like I can recommit to this business and get it moving so I can personally feel connected to it. Perhaps with renewed commitment will come renewed inspiration and a clearer picture of my role in the business and how I can best serve within it.

Stay tuned …


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