Day 184-185/365: Filled up

So I’ve had such a whirlwind two days I have not had time to post.

I landed inti Toronto to an amazing, sweet welcoming committee of one: my biz partner.

Then I was greeted by his partner warmly. And then she had an incredible group of friends over who were like a room full of your besties.

We stayed up late and celebrated our ebook formally and together (for once) and then awoke crazy early to attend the Archangel Summit in downton Toronto at the Sony Centre.

What an amazing roster of service-preneurs who shared incredible insights and inspired us to serve and be changemakers the best way we know how.

By the end of the Summit, I was so incredibly filled up and ready to show up and serve in a major way.

It was also a tough day as well. The introvert in me still did not feel ready to step into this public role to do the work I know I’m being called to do. But I showed up and I feel really good about that.

I worked through the discomfort and pushed aside the self-limiting beliefs so I could get filled up.

Now I feel like my cup runneth over, which is a great problem to have.

Now that am full up, I can better determine how best to serve.

And I cannot wait.


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