Day 183/365: Eerily calm

I have to travel to Canada tomorrow to attend a conference, and I am well traveled enough to know the prep drill. But usually, there is a piece of me that grows anxious before the flight.

So I’ve packed, and with the wife’s help I have repacked because I refuse to check a bag. And I’m flying international so it would seem like a bit of a nerve-wracking enterprise. But calm seems to be prevailing.

In fact, I feel almost too calm, if that’s possible. The conference I’m attending will be great and a wonderful boon to the biz, but I’m not so sure I feel excited.

I feel a little unprepared, but I’m not sure what to expect so I’m not so sure what to prepare for.

Another part of me feels a bit overwhelmed, which may be manifesting as dread at the prospect of having to engage with so many people at once and be “on.”

As an introvert, the thought of this makes me want to retreat even more. But I know I can’t so I am working on summoning up the courage to do this.

I just hope this feeling is not the calm before the storm.

Wish me luck!


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