Day 182/365: Introspective

Wow. I am officially halfway through this project. I have yet to go back and reread through some of the posts. I feel like I don’t want to really do that until I hit the year mark. But I do have to take some time to reflect on how I feel at the midway point.

I definitely feel different than when I started. It doesn’t feel as laborious or painful as it did when I was first getting started. The feelings flow a bit more freely, most days anyway, which probably indicates progress. And I somewhat look forward to doing an emotional dump, so to speak, on the daily.

It has definitely helped the writing in other areas of my life, probably because writing is like a muscle that once you work it and develop it, it grows stronger. So there’s that.

I honestly feel that I do a bit better expressing myself and using my voice because I’m able to articulate how I’m feeling verbally a little bit better. That’s a tremendous bonus. And an unexpected benefit as well.

I don’t know that I even anticipated more than one benefit if I’m being honest. But thinking about how other parts of my life have been affected by this project leaves me a bit surprised. Who doesn’t love added benefits?!

I look forward to even more added … you know what? No, I don’t look forward to more benefits. I’m content with what I’ve already gained. Anything else that comes of it is just gravy. Period.

Bring on part deux.



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