Day 179/365: Loving

I am working on loving myself more. When you work from the inside out, your external environment will begin to reflect how you are feeling. So you will begin to manifest differently.

So since today was wash day, I decided that I would love up on my curls to see if they would turn out any different.

The exercise went something like this: As I was conditioning my hair, I would look in the mirror and just admire my curls. I also said out loud, “Man, I really LOVE my curls. They’re beautiful.” And honestly, I meant it, but more importantly, I felt it

Wash day is a whole process that involves multiple products and lots of patience. So after the whole 2.5-hour process was completed, I looked in the mirror and smiled.

My curls really were beautiful. They had turned out perfectly, were shiny and the shape was exactly as I like it. It was a fun exercise, and it also made me recognize how powerful how you feel about yourself is, and how it impacts your world.

I feel like the more I fall in love with myself, the more my world around me will begin to be reshaped.

It will be wonderful to experience a whole new world just by changing how I feel about myself, which is simply … loving.


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