Day 177/365: Stirred


Someone on social media today mentioned that we are more than halfway through the year. There are only three months left in the year. Holy sh*t! Where did the time go?! And so this month really starts a new season or at least a new quarter. This got me thinking.

For a while now I have had a feeling that September was going to be pivotal for me. I don’t know why, it just feels like something will occur that will set me in a new and different direction. And honestly, I’m feeling excited. I’m stirred and looking forward to what’s on the horizon.

It feels like whatever is coming is going to be different than anything I’ve done or experienced. It feels like it will be new territory, but that it will feel natural and wonderful. Now there’s a small part of me that believes I’m just making it all up in my mind, but my gut is what’s stirring me and the gut doesn’t lie. I mean I teach this to my medical intuitive clients all the time, so why wouldn’t it apply to my life as well?

I’m also a bit anxious because I like plans. And I like to know what I’m working toward and that I’m working toward something specific. But maybe my efforts in other areas are training me for what’s to come. That could be possible, right?

I feel strongly that what’s brewing has a large part to do with story, storytelling and a certain way that I may present stories. But I can’t quite see what shape or form that will take. I just hope I’m on the right track. Things feel like they happen in slow motion for me. And I have always felt like a late bloomer. So I get anxious when things approach because I feel like they may take longer to develop because of my track record. It’s not for lack of trying though. Trust. When I put my heart, mind and soul into something, I’m all in. It just feels like sometimes I put a ton of effort into the wrong places. And I just end up frustrated.

But for now, I am holding on to hope that what I am headed for is headed for—and right—for me.


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