Day 176/365: Focused

I only began a yoga practice earlier this week. But I have to say, since I’ve begun starting my day with it, I feel much more present—and focused. Doing that breath work really helps to open up so much within me and within my mind. I don’t feel anxious or stressed about what’s coming down the pipe way for the day. I meet whatever comes with calm, and yet there’s an underlying energy that feels supportive and easy.

Nope, I’m not gonna get all woo-woo with it. I have only been at this for like three days. But I definitely am beginning to notice changes in how I feel. Is this what everyone raves about? I thought they were just saying it because “everyone was doing it and it’s the thing to say about yoga.” Hahaha!

I wonder what else will unfold as I continue the practice. If it continues to bring more gifts like ease and presence of mind, then I’m here for it.



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