Day 174/365: Appreciated

Today I had a great session with a client, actually two great sessions now that I reflect on it. The first was a freelance client who I regularly work with. It was a great session because I recognized that my work added value to her work. And the work she does is with spreading awareness around a chronic disease state on a national level so to be able to serve in this way made me feel amazing and definitely appreciated.

The second was with a medical intuitive client. Whenever I begin an assessment, I tune into the client’s energy with just their full name and birthdate. I then ask for my spirit guides help along with the client’s spirit guides’ help to send me information that will benefit that person. Then the images and sensations come flooding in.

I’ve learned to really trust what I see and not try to make sense of it because the information is for my client’s benefit, not mine, and so it’s not important for me to understand. I do ask my guides about the story related to what I’m sensing so I can offer up something to my client that may resonate with them, but I leave the rest of the interpretation up to the client.

Before talking with the client about their assessment, there’s a small piece of me that worries that I’ve just made all this stuff up in my head or that none of it will make sense to them, but I push it aside and hope for the best. When I met with my client today and began to detail what I sensed coming in with her I recognized that her energy was trying to tell me a story. It was her story, and she needed to hear it and how it was holding her back from enjoying some key aspects of her life.

As I go about the session, I ask for confirmation from the client that the information I’m sharing with them resonates. It did, and honestly, it always does, and in a major way with this client, and confirmed so many things she had been feeling. Basically, she said I nailed it, which always surprises the hell outta me. And she proceeded to tell me what a wonderful experience it was for her and she loves the work that I’m doing.

The best part of these assessments though is when I offer up recommendations to my clients to help them heal their stories. They light up listening to the ways they can open themselves up and free themselves from the emotional chains they’ve been bound by. It’s an incredible thing to witness and I’m honored to be able to deliver the message.

I absolutely love this work. And every time I have a session, it confirms it even more for me. I love that I am a conduit for messages between a person’s guides and their soul. It’s daunting and humbling work for sure, but it’s such a blessing to be able to do it and see how people’s lives really transform when they have this work done.

I look forward to serving more clients in the future and feel appreciative that I’ve been chosen to do this work and the work is serving and being well-received. Some days, it just doesn’t get any better than that.



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