Day 172&173/365: Congested

Welp, I missed posting yesterday because I simply did not have the energy to do it. This head cold took hold and only today is it beginning to loosen its grip. So I’m doubling up to stay on track.

Writing this and much of today has felt like walking in a fog. My teeth ache, I can barely hear out of my right ear, and my face is pounding because of congestion. Congestion is a funny thing. When you are physically congested, it’s easy to detect. You experience the symptoms in a very physiological way.

When your energy is congested, you experience it on a spiritual level first, which is not always noticeable. However, you may get a sense that something is off. And it usually has to do with trapped emotions you are unable to manage. If you don’t take the time to address those trapped emotions, then the energetic congestion can often manifest in the physical. It’s the body’s way of saying, “You’ve been ignoring me, and now it’s time to really pay attention.”

People often get irritated when their bodies actually start talking to them. I mean no one really has time for an annoying sinus infection, complete with scratchy throat and achy body. But I’ve learned to value it thanks to an awesome anatomy & physiology teacher who was married to a man who’s hypothalamus (your body’s regulator and thermostat essentially) didn’t work. So he could never really tell what was happening to his body. If he burned himself, for example, he wouldn’t feel it, and if he was experiencing extremely cold temperatures, he would never know if he had hypothermia. She also told us that in light of that when your body tells you something, you ought to be grateful that it’s functioning well enough to do so.

So even though I’m stuffy and still feeling a bit under the weather, I’m grateful that my body is working well enough to tell me that I need to get some rest. And to make sure it doesn’t blow up into something else, I’m going to listen.


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