Day 170/365: Connected

What an interesting day. It really has been a mix of things happening. I finally was able to contact and interview a medical doctor that I’ve been struggling to get ahold of for a story I’m writing for a hospital system. Then I felt the tickle of a sore throat beginning so I hopped on the acv (apple cider vinegar) + honey train.

Then I wanted to lighten my wife’s load so I started cooking potatoes she wanted done, and since no go deed goes unpunished, I burned my thumb because of the damn hole in the silicone pot holders that are designed to prevent burning. Aaaargh!

But then two amazing things happened right in a row. Two dear friends, from two different areas of my life, reached out to me about doing some writing on what it means to be authentic and another about my services as a medical intuitive for a shop owner. How interesting, right?

I don’t know what will come of either of those things, but I feel so connected to my purpose, and I find it interesting that the more I connect to it, the more the opportunities begin to come my way. And it feels really wonderful. I would imagine this is what it feels like to live on purpose all the time. I wish I could bottle up the feeling and spread it around for everyone to experience. The feeling of alignment and connectedness honestly, is Divine.


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