Day 169/365: Excited

After a crash course yesterday on automation software to help with our sales funnel, I was amped up to get inside the tool and start refining things so the campaign could start driving traffic, like yesterday.

I set up a test for tomorrow so we’ll see how she does. I’m a little nervous, but more excited. Ever since I began my work as a medical intuitive, I’ve been seeking my tribe. You know, those people you are best meant to serve. I finally figured out that it was women who are struggling to find their way when they’ve been told that one path is the assured way to joy—and ends up not being that, at all.

So I found my tribe. But finding your tribe and connecting with your tribe are two very different things. I was told by a mentor that it’s about energy and setting an intention. Well, I put enough energy into it and set all kinds of attention, which didn’t quite cut it. But energy is not about effort, it’s about allowing, so there was my first problem.

My second problem was believing that I was worthy enough to be able to help anyone who crossed my path and enlisted my services. There was so much self-doubt that it was almost crippling. But when I managed to get over myself, I recognized and really began receiving what people were saying. That they, in fact, felt much better when they left than when they had first come to me. I love that. That’s really what it’s all about.

So I’m really excited about the potential of a growing customer base because it will allow me to connect with and serve so many more people than I could previously. And if I can help anyone improve their health and well-being, and another person and another, then that’s one, two, three less fewer people struggling with chronic anything. Who wouldn’t feel excited about that possibility? AmIright?


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