Day 167/365: Annoyed

So a project manager for a client I love sent me a request at the 11th hour that was due the 12th hour, for the second time in two weeks. In her words, she said, “It shouldn’t take you long, so please prioritize this … blah, blah, blah.”

First, please don’t presume how long something takes for me to complete. I take my time so that the finished product is damn near perfect.

Second, you have been working with this material ad nauseum. Meanwhile, this is the first I’m seeing it so it may take me a minute to get my head around all the pieces/parts that make this thing work.

Third, don’t wait till the freakin’ last minute to send me this stuff! I have other clients, with potentially competing priorities. You are not my only client. I understand that sometimes emergencies come up. But this is ridiculous.

Fourth, I will bill you accordingly.

Five, I vow not to be passive aggressive, but direct AF in the email, yet still polite when I tell you that this is unacceptable and please plan better in the future.

Six, good night. I’m spent.


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