Day 166/365: (semi) Rejuvenated

I decided that I was feeling burnt out and so my love and I spent the whole day together—away from our laptops. It was heaven. Even though I had a terrible sinus headache, I knew I needed to just get away from this screen for a spell. It was just what I needed and I felt somewhat rejuvenated.

I say “semi” because I recognize that I need an extended time away where I can reset over the course of a say a week or so and then return to work. But I am grateful to have made the decision to take this Monday off to just do even a quick reset.

I checked emails and text once or twice to make sure nothing was on fire, but otherwise, I was free to just be present with my wife, relax and enjoy. I felt satisfied at day’s end that I was able to get away—and my headache even subsided, but I also knew that shortly, I would probably feel rundown again, which calls for a longer period of relaxation.

At any rate, something is wayyy better than nothing. And I’ll take it and ride this wave for as long as I can. It was certainly great while it lasted, and I’m hoping it will sustain me for a bit longer.




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