Day 160/365: Refocused

Do you ever get kicked in the gut and realize that you needed the kick in the gut to get you back on track and back on purpose? Yep. It was that kind of day.

It’s hard, but necessary. It’s unpleasant, but helpful too. When you get pushed to be the better, the best version of you, it’s actually kind of cool. My wife is that person for me, the person who expects me to be the version of me she knows I can be. And she pushes me to get there. I love her for that

And honestly, I’m terrified and excited at the same time. Terrified because I’m being called to really show up in my life and excited … because I’m being called to really show up in my life. It’s time to level up and get off the merry-go-round. It’s also time to stop talking about it and musing about it and really be about it and get it done.

I know I have greatness in me. We all do. But accepting that and owning up to it is harder than you’d think. Harder than I thought. I feel like I’m getting refocused, and it feels good to get a clearer picture of what my life can be like if I just show up and step into it.

I can’t wait until things come into focus even more—and I’m excited about how I’m going to sharpen my focus. Get ready, world. ‘Cause here I come.


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