Day 157/365: Radiant

Although the feeling didn’t really last all day, at the start of the day, until the late middle of the day, I honestly felt radiant. I felt like my hair looked great, I felt great in my clothes and I felt confident. These things in combination, honestly, are a rarity for me. And it felt good to be able to hold onto these feelings for as long as I did.

My word choice in how I’m feeling is very deliberate. Radiant, as in, spreading all the good feelings from within outward. I felt like my positive, loving energy was radiating out of me and whoever was in a space with me, hopefully felt loved and radiant as well. And so forth and so on. I don’t know if this is what happened, but when you feel radiant, I feel like that’s how it’s meant to work. You share all the lovingness you feel with everyone around you, hoping they can catch a glimpse and feel the same way too, and extend that to others. So it creates this amazing chain reaction.

Yes, a chain reaction. Like shockwaves of love that get spread from one person to the next. Is that corny? Probably. But it’s definitely the best way to characterize how I was feeling today. And it really doesn’t even matter. All that matters was the intention was there. The Universe takes care of the rest.


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