Day 156/365: Curious

I headed to my P.O. box today to pick up some packages that I knew had arrived. And when I got home and opened the packages, there was one that I had no idea where it came from. It was a book entitled, “Lucy Smiles About … “. There was no packing slip so I figured it was a mistake. In fact, I thought it was supposed to be another book that I had ordered as a gift.

So I went back to my Amazon account and checked my orders to make sure I hadn’t accidentally ordered it. Nope. So I contacted Amazon to let them know that I had mistakenly been sent this book. The customer service rep asked for the shipping details on the label, which I gave and he was unable to track its source. There was a USPS tracking number on the label so I quickly entered that information and it said the “shipping partner” was in Kenosha, Wis., but that didn’t tell me who had ordered it.

The customer service rep asked me to take a picture of the mailing label and email it to Amazon and they would look into the matter further.

After checking with Amazon, I opened the book out of curiosity to see what it was about. It’s essentially a feel-good book to help you shift your thoughts into compassionate energy. So there’s no such thing as coincidence. There is a divine order to everything—even chaos. So there’s a part of me that knows this is probably an anonymous gift from a friend who feels I need a boost. Or, it was an error that was to my benefit.

Either way, I’m grateful to the Universe for sending it my way. There are probably some nuggets in there that I am meant to receive. But, it’s still kind of leaving me feeling curious all the same.


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