Day 155/365: Honored

It is an amazing time to be alive. I feel honored to be able to recognize that I am here, in my own individual way, to serve the global community. We all have a purpose that will be delivered in our own unique and incredible way—and I am included in that equation. And it honestly feels great.

I’m actually excited to see what I can create or co-create with the Universe. I am limitless so what I can achieve is also limitless. I’m made of the same stuff as the stars, like everyone else. So the possibilities are endless. And I have choices. I can choose how to feel and respond in every.single.moment. That’s empowering.

I am also honoring myself and allowing myself to be whoever I want to be. And since we are always in the process of becoming, in other words, we don’t ever really arrive, I can do it in my own time since it’s not a race and there is no true finish line.

I can choose who I’d like to be and how I’d like to show up, which too is empowering. I look forward to the creation process and what I am able to develop. I’m on my way …


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