Day 153/365: Expansion

With these eclipses in tow, things are changing. And I feel it. Today, I had a pivotal moment with my wife where I recognized that I need to do better in areas of communication. But I also learned that I am in the process of getting better and using my voice constructively and advocating for myself more and more, which is really important and significant. Hurrah!

I also met up with old work cronies and realized that I can hold an audience captive with what I was saying, and it felt empowering. And I felt oddly comfortable in that role, like I was supposed to be there, in that moment, delivering that message.

It made me recognize the importance and value of storytelling and the impact a story can have, and honestly, stories set my soul on fire. It’s how we connect and reveal our vulnerabilities and grow together.

Stories are uplifting and wonderful. So I am working on ways to integrate story into my work more and more. All of today’s events have left me with feelings of expansion, like I’m not only growing, but I’m blossoming into something new and different.

After so much time in what has felt like a cocoon, perhaps this is the beginning of my butterfly spreading her wings and sailing forward.

Whatever it is. I’ll take it. Onward!


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