Day 151/365: Dammed

I feel stuck. I’ve been in this place before, and I always eventually get un-stuck. But I get so annoyed at arriving here. Isn’t there a point in your life where you just don’t get stuck anymore? I feel like the answer is: Yes, when you’re dead.

Part of feeling stuck is a feeling of not having clarity about which direction I’m headed in. Just when I feel like I’ve got it down, some nagging feeling comes along to make me feel like I’m stuck again.

So it makes me wonder. Am I just a malcontent? And why is everyone else figuring it all out except me? And I know, I know. It’s the journey. And the process is what is crucial because that means you’re learning. But dammit. I wish the plateaus where you feel confident and positive and uplifted lasted longer than what they have been.

I need a consistent win, like for years vs. days, weeks or a month. Maybe I’m just being greedy.

I’ll stop whining now and focus more on winning.


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