Day 146/365: (ISO) faith

So today I read my horoscope on Astrology Zone, which I like to do at the start of each month, and this one had me feeling hopeful.

It foretold of 2 eclipses, which ordinarily don’t seem like positive influences, but according to my chart it feels like the heavens are so on my side and my life will be golden in the days to come.

This, as I mentioned, brings forth feelings of hope, which honestly makes me nervous. Hope feels like you’re clinging on to something and it leaves you wanting. It feels precarious and unsure.

Not like faith. Faith doesn’t require hope. It demands that you just know. Trust is implicit and baked in. It’s a foregone conclusion that this will just work out.

Right now in my life, as odd as it may seem, I need faith more than hope. I need faith more than anything.

I know hope springs eternal, but I’m really just in search of that one tiny mustard seed to get me headed where I need to go.



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