Day 176/365: Focused

I only began a yoga practice earlier this week. But I have to say, since I've begun starting my day with it, I feel much more present—and focused. Doing that breath work really helps to open up so much within me and within my mind. I don't feel anxious or stressed about what's coming down... Continue Reading →

Day 175/365: Freer

Today I made space for myself and really opened myself up. I am traveling out of the country to attend a conference next month and so I was looking through my closet to make sure I had appropriate clothing to wear. As I stood there surveying my clothes, I scanned quite a few articles that... Continue Reading →

Day 174/365: Appreciated

Today I had a great session with a client, actually two great sessions now that I reflect on it. The first was a freelance client who I regularly work with. It was a great session because I recognized that my work added value to her work. And the work she does is with spreading awareness... Continue Reading →

Day 172&173/365: Congested

Welp, I missed posting yesterday because I simply did not have the energy to do it. This head cold took hold and only today is it beginning to loosen its grip. So I'm doubling up to stay on track. Writing this and much of today has felt like walking in a fog. My teeth ache,... Continue Reading →

Day 171/365: Achy

I'm under the weather today. All I feel are chills, body aches, throat pain and just general exhaustion. This is my body's way of telling me that I'm rundown and need to rest, so out of respect for my body and my health, I am going to listen. And not only listen, but practice some... Continue Reading →

Day 170/365: Connected

What an interesting day. It really has been a mix of things happening. I finally was able to contact and interview a medical doctor that I've been struggling to get ahold of for a story I'm writing for a hospital system. Then I felt the tickle of a sore throat beginning so I hopped on... Continue Reading →

Day 169/365: Excited

After a crash course yesterday on automation software to help with our sales funnel, I was amped up to get inside the tool and start refining things so the campaign could start driving traffic, like yesterday. I set up a test for tomorrow so we'll see how she does. I'm a little nervous, but more... Continue Reading →

Day 168/365: Behind again

Because of working late into the wee hours, and then getting up later only to head straight into a two-hour conference call meeting, I feel behind on all the things that I was supposed to get done today. On top of that, I had some fires start burning with some other projects, which put me... Continue Reading →

Day 167/365: Annoyed

So a project manager for a client I love sent me a request at the 11th hour that was due the 12th hour, for the second time in two weeks. In her words, she said, "It shouldn't take you long, so please prioritize this ... blah, blah, blah." First, please don't presume how long something... Continue Reading →

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