Day 143/365: Gifted

Today I had two really interesting experiences. One person older than me told me that I inspire them, which meant so much to me because she’s such a loving soul. And a younger person and I had a really honest discussion about some tough topics and I felt really good that this individual could come to me and we could talk openly.

These felt like two specials gifts that were given to me today. And I honestly feel like it was my gift (vs. my talent) of compassion that fostered these connections. I don’t really put much stock in this gift. And honestly, most days it feels like the only gift I have, which I guess beats a blank, but I feel like we all are imbued with lots of gifts. This, however, is the only one that I can readily identify.

At any rate, I am grateful for being able to acknowledge and recognize that compassion is a wonderful gift, and I’m glad that I am able to give it in such a way that people really feel it.

I suppose you can’t ask for more of a gift than that.


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