Day 142/365: Noncommital

I’ve noticed that my wardrobe of late has grown increasingly gray. Heathered gray mostly, but gray nonetheless.

This is unusual for me because I absolutely LOVE color. In fact, I love it so much I used to blog about it. So my wardrobe is full of color.

But lately I find I’m gravitating toward gray more than any other color. Now when my mom was alive and I’d pick out gray-colored clothing, she couldn’t understand why I was picking such “noncommittal colors” as she referred to them.

I didn’t feel they were noncommittal, I just liked them. But maybe she had a point. I do feel like I’m at an in-between stage, like I’m not quite sure where I fit in just yet.

And I feel like that’s okay. I mean I have added fun pops of color to my wardrobe here and there for those moments when I feel emboldened. But I guess, at least right now I feel … noncommittal.

Perhaps when I’m really ready to commit, I’ll turn the volume up on color. But right now, gray feels just about right.



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