Day 139/365: Lucky

I went to bed with a migraine last night and woke up with one this morning. It’s bad going to bed with one, but it’s even worse to wake up to it. In fact, it remains as I type this. And sh*t just went sideways today. I had to deal with a technical glitch that couldn’t wait first thing when I woke up. And a fuzzy head trying to figure out techie stuff is a terrible combo.

But I didn’t have to get dressed to get this done. I just hopped out of bed and started troubleshooting. Lucky me.

Then I received an email yesterday that let me know I would be receiving key parts of a project that needed to be handled by today. Short deadlines are tough, especially when you’re battling a migraine. But again, I sat in my PJs with my ice pack on my head and banged out the project. Lucky me again.

Lastly, I had a video conference with a client this evening and my head still felt like it was stuck in a vice grip. Ugh. So I was able to take a nap right before, freshen up and then get dressed from the waist up formally so it looked like I was actually ready for the day even though I still had my PJ bottoms on. My client was never the wiser, and I had the option of climbing back into bed right after it. Lucky me.

Even though I felt like crap, I also felt like the luckiest kid in the world because I had such flexibility to be able to get my work done my way, without having to go out into the world or even get dressed up for it.

I felt lucky yet again when I realized that the number of this post, 139, is my mom’s lucky number. So it kind of feels like she was passing on her luck to me today. I’ll take it, mom. It’s much appreciated. Lucky me, indeed.


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