Day 134/365: Aligned

This evening was incredible! The co-founder of our program Shifting Into High Gear invited a group of women to gather to discuss our ebook, which our programming is centered around. I was live via videoconference since she’s in Toronto, and it was such a wonderful confirmation that this is what I am meant to do in this lifetime. I really feel aligned with what I’m doing and putting out into the world. And it feels fan-fucking-tastic.

What was so heartwarming is how each woman was reminded in her own way of how important it is to be in tune to her body and ways that she could implement that in her life. One woman was so moved that tears began to flow and the group was so supportive and loving. It was such a great energetic connection and everyone in the group seemed to benefit from the exchange.

It feels so amazing to recognize that the way you choose to serve and show up in your life, if it feels authentic, will materialize in a way that you may have never imagined. It was a powerful moment for me to hear that our book was so well-received and considered useful. We offered value and hopefully a new way of doing things so we can all learn how to better connect with our true selves. And serving in this way feels so authentic for me. Our goal is to be impactful and re-mind people that they don’t have to rely on external things to give us validation. We are all the we need—if we can only just take the time out to stop and listen.

How well are you listening to what you truly need? Even I need to get better at this, but now I know better so I continue to work on doing better and being the best version of me possible.



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