Day 132/365: Nostalgic

There’s a person from my past that I haven’t talked to in forever. Things did not end well between us and we are no longer friends sadly. However, every blue moon I wonder how he’s doing and I hope he’s well.

I am reminded of him this time of year generally because his birthday is coming up. And I could easily look him up on social media to see what his life is like now, but I won’t. In fact, I blocked him from all of mine years ago just so I won’t keep checking in. When you spend so much time looking in your rearview mirror you miss what’s happening in front of you. And since you can’t undo the past, all you really can do is enjoy this moment and the next after that.

While I don’t often linger on the past, I do reminisce about good days that were had. And look forward to more of those times in the days ahead.


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