Day 131/365: Easygoing

Maybe the title of this post needs to be Easy Does It. Even though the day was full of to do’s, I didn’t feel overwhelmed or frustrated. I just tackled most things with ease and it felt nice—so much better than going through my days feeling like everything is a struggle. And I feel like when we struggle, it’s often because we are resisting something.

I’m tired of resisting and struggling. I’m choosing as much as I can, as often as I can to go with the flow. I know there will be days when it won’t be easy—or even possible, but the more often I can lean into that feeling of ease, the more often I can move forward without struggle.

It makes me realize that we are often choosing to struggle. And as I always say, “Make good choices, people. Make good choices.”

I’ll just leave that right.there.


Photo cred: tsunamy-boy:

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