Day 125/365: (a li’l) Emboldened

Today I decided to step out a little bit. I have been using Twitter a bit more of late and I recognized that when I went to retweet something a while ago that my profile was outdated. It had a past blog site that is now no longer active, no background header and a cartoonish image picture of me. So I decided to switch things up a bit and modify it.

I changed the header to something that really resonates with me, updated the profile, put my new website up there and added an actual picture of me—showing my face—which is rare, and I even changed my Twitter handle to something that feels very authentic for me—and even a little bit fun. This is a big step for me. And it actually felt really good. There were some pieces of me that felt fearful, sure, but most of me felt emboldened and like it’s time to actually be the face of what I talk about. For the first time ever I believe, I wasn’t so full of fear that it stopped me from moving forward with putting myself out there. I know, I know, it’s a baby step, but it still feels really huge for me.

Next up, revamping my Insta account. Go me!


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