Day 123/365: Contentment

Today I felt content. Not overly happy or joyous, but grateful all the same. I was able to get a lot of things done and spend some good time with the Mrs., which is always nice. And I had no major upsets.

My partner helped me to feel content today. She’s just an unconditional lover and a really good friend. We have good conversations and had an especially good one today, which I miss with my bestie who is still not talking to me. And I recognize that I’m growing. Not necessarily at the pace I’d like to, but it is happening so that’s a thing.

And sometimes it’s hard to even see your own growth. Because it’s happening to you so you don’t have an outside perspective to measure against it. And I feel good about the growth, even though I swear it’s happening at a snail’s pace. Although this year, which is half over, I’ve grown a shit ton in ways that I never expected, and I’m being called on to grow and stretch in other ways.

Feeling content is a rather nice experience. It feels like steady middle ground, not one extreme or the other, for a change, which I have a tendency to swing to. But not today, mood. Not today.

I hope this contentment continues, if even only for another day. It feels nice.


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