Day 121/365: Confused

I kind of feel like I’m going through some kind of identity crisis. I can’t quite figure out who I am—or rather who the real me is.

There are so many versions of me, but I feel like none of them is consistent. Like I can’t really identify one common thread that seems to run through every version.

So how do you find the you that’s you? Or are all those versions you? And that’s just the way it is?

I would love to feel free to be me, the same me, consistently. And at the same time, that may not even be possible. Nor do I want to feel like a fraud. But I suppose we all have to fake it till we make it, right?

I am really struggling with this feeling. Like I feel like so many others have carved out an identity for themselves. And yet here I sit, floundering, still trying to figure it all out.

Obviously, using others as a measuring stick is not wise. I’m trying to find my space within their context. And it probably makes more sense to carve out my space within my own context. I believe that’s what the people who look like they’ve got it all figured out (even though I know better) do. They just create space for themselves to exist.

I’m unsure of just how to go about doing this, but I know I have to do it. I’m just so fearful that I’ll get it all wrong.

But if you’re true to yourself the whole way through, there’s no way you can lose. Niche, make way, cause here I come.



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