Day 119/365: Ready and rarin’ …

Do you ever have a good hair day, but it feels more like a good all-over day? Like it’s not just your hair that looks on point, but you feel like you look great, and you kind of know that you are great—even if it’s just a feeling that happens today. But you’re in the moment and enjoying it.

Today was that day for me. I felt like dancing, so I did. I felt like primping a bit, so I did. And when I went out into the world, I felt like no matter what anyone thought of me, it was none of my business and I felt fine about myself anyway. What a great feeling!

I also felt ready. Ready to break out of my shell, my cocoon. Ready to show a bit more of myself to the world these days. I do enjoy my solitude most days, but today I felt like, for the first time in a long time, maybe ever (?) that I was not getting ready, but that I am ready.

Woo Hoo! Look out world, here I come!


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