Day 118/365: Gray

When I was younger, I used to wear a lot of gray. My mom used to say, “Why do you like all these noncommittal colors?” They didn’t necessarily feel noncommittal to me, I just liked them.

Later in my adult life I would move toward a much more colorful wardrobe. And I really enjoyed vibrant, electric colors. Now I feel like I’m moving more toward noncommittal colors again—grays and blacks.

I know we all go through phases in our lives where we feel more vibrant some times and noncommittal and blah during others.

As much as I love color, this gray area feels really good right now. Maybe because I’m still somewhat in incubation mode, preparing for departure. It feels necessary to be in gray mode—or at least comfortable and appropriate. And I don’t feel like it’s necessarily a negative thing.

I feel like maybe my mom wanted me to dive into life and be a bright light. But sometimes it’s okay not to shine so bright and to just be okay with blending in. That doesn’t mean your light stays dim forever, it just needs a break every now and again. And when I’m ready to glow up again, I’m sure my wardrobe will reflect this.




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