Day 115/365: Unconditional Love

I have been in a relationship with my now wife for 22+ years. And as I look at her today, though I’m not sure how it’s possible, I love her more now than I did when we first began dating.

We have been through incredible ups and downs—and insides and outs. And we have managed to survive it all. And trust, there were some doozies in there. And we both have learned some incredible—and incredibly hard—lessons along the way.

But the most incredible lesson of all that I have learned is how to love someone unconditionally. And it’s all because my wife does it so well, models it so extraordinarily well, that I had no choice but to learn along the way.

Being loved like this is such a gift. It’s more amazing than anything I’ve ever experienced or known. It is deep and unyielding. And for her, it is effortless. She is hardwired this way. And honestly, I had to learn this.

I hope everyone experiences this kind of love. Because it’s really the only kind of authentic love there is. Go get you some. You will be forever changed. And if you can’t get it, then please by all means give it. You will be rewarded in ways you never dreamed possible.


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