Day 102&103/365: Preparedness

Yup. I skipped a day. So that happened. Not because I wanted to but it was Father’s Day and I got home late and blah, blah, blah. So here I am.

Today was a productive day. I was able to get some key freelance stuff done and then I was able to troubleshoot an issue we had with the launch. It was a small issue, but what was annoying was the fact that we launched the pre-order phase before we had some elements worked out. No big deal. Because it was nothing we couldn’t fix relatively quickly and easily.

My co-author has been promoting like crazy and she kind of gave me the side eye because I haven’t been, but I will not promote something that is not ready to be promoted. I recognize that you cannot possibly be prepared for everything. However, if there are things within my control, I’ll work to address those things.

Now, I feel fully prepared to promote the hell outta this thing and am happy to do so. But I’m proud of myself for pushing back so that we could be better prepared.


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