Day 99/365: Flawed

Every one of us is flawed—and I am slowly coming to realize that that is actually okay. It’s not easy to embrace your flaws. Your natural inclination is to want to beat yourself up for being what you believe is inadequate. Not so.

We all have shortcomings, but that’s what makes us beautiful. And it gives us an opportunity to really grow and expand to be better, more amazing versions of ourselves. If we don’t fully accept that we have traits that need improvement, we can’t really move forward in our lives. We stay feeling stuck, suspended in motion and feeling like shit, honestly.

Today, I recognized some things about myself that I don’t like and I feel like I’ve been working to change them for forever. But if those things still are not changing, then it’s because I am not changing. And that just means I have work to do, but that I’m still okay. I’m not broken or damaged goods or inferior, I just have work to do.

If I could learn to separate those two things out, the fact that I have things that I could make better and how I feel about myself, then I would feel much more happy and at ease with myself than I do. This feels like something many of us need to do more often. I guess it’s about having compassion for yourself and loving all the parts of you, even the ones that need work.

I’m still a work in progress, and I’m learning to love those parts of myself, even when it’s difficult to swallow. Hopefully, we can all learn to be a little less hard on ourselves and a little more loving—of all of ourselves.


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