Day 98/365: Reassured, part deaux

I was lucky enough to score tickets to a matinee performance of The King And I downtown. It was a wonderful production. The set design was amazing as were the costumes and the vocal performances. I hadn’t seen it performed in a while so I did not remember all the details of the story, so I was struck by how timely it was.

The teacher Anna was essentially asserting her feminine powers in a time when it was not common or acceptable to do so, particularly in 19th century Siam. And now in the 21st century the divine feminine is reasserting itself again, railing against a Head Dorito In Charge who assails not only women’s rights, but every Other group that exists today. It was refreshing to see how Anna garnered respect from not only her students, but from the king’s head wife and the king himself, albeit unwittingly.

It made me recognize that there is indeed a shift occurring where women and other marginalized groups will no longer tolerate being marginalized. Although it will take some time for the playing field to be level, but I feel hopeful  and reassured that we are making strides in that direction. And that new generations will not know some of the intolerance and hate that so many people have suffered.

It feels nice to be on the brink of a brand new way of being, of seeing and doing things. I look forward to this bold, new world.


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