Day 93/365: Becoming

Today I woke up awash in gratitude. I was thinking about all the events that led me to this point in time, and I felt grateful. Looking back on it now, it all makes sense why things worked out the way they did. And each movement, event, interaction played a key role in where I am right now.

At times those pieces had rough edges, like parts of a mosaic, and they all came together to create this cohesive, whole picture or story. Even the jagged edges when you step back and take a look at the whole, look beautiful.

As you’re on the path, moving hopefully with velocity and momentum, you may lose perspective, but just know that you are on your way, constantly moving—and becoming. You are creating a story, a beautiful picture as you go that sometimes you can only take a look at and really enjoy when you look back over your shoulder.


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