Day 88/365: Caged

I would just like to be free. To feel free. To move about the world and not give a damn what anyone thinks, doing what I love, making the world a better place, serving with grace and humility. Just free.

But my thoughts keep me bound. And the thoughts are a false narrative. They’re made up of constrictive, restrictive information. Lies. A veil to keep me caged and contained and content. However, those societal bars are growing intolerable—unbearable even. And an escape plan is needed. To leave this narrow, restrictive box, with little air, no creativity, only despair. And compliance.

I don’t like these boxes. They are not serving me right now. Nor have ever served me. I feel lied to, betrayed, but not by Them, but by my self. Why did I believe those lies? Why did I believe that I could shine and be big and bright in the midst of those lies? And now with 20/20 vision, I can’t unsee the truth. It fills me up, gives me up and encourages me to break free of the restraints, the deception, the weight

I can no longer play small. The bars that held me in before are no longer strong enough to contain me, my new thoughts and the new me.

Get ready world. I’m breaking out and setting myself free.



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