Day 87/365: Bliss

A dear friend gifted me the movie Finding Joe, which talks about Joseph Campbell and his ideas. The main theme is the hero’s journey and how it’s a common thread in practically every story ever written or made—including our own.

We are here to experience our own hero’s journey. This is not a finite experience. It happens again and again throughout our lives.

So don’t worry about “trying to get it right.” And ignore the “shoulds” and “should nots.” The goal is to find your bliss. And then of course to follow it.

And bliss is such a deliberate word here. Bliss is so much more than happiness. It’s what sets your soul on fire. It is your own profound peace. It’s your missing peace, in fact.

It’s a process though, which means you will be uncomfortable, but after the breakthrough you arrive at your knowing—and ultimately, your bliss.

So I feel like I’m pretty close to finding my bliss, and as soon as I find it, I will dutifully follow.


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