Day 78/365: Managed

Today was a good day, a productive day. It was not good because it was productive; it was good because it felt good from start to finish. I had competing deadlines that would have ordinarily made me panic, however, I chose not to. I made a decision about what I needed to get done, prioritized it and voila, got it done—and at a reasonable hour no less.

I was also able to find some balance. I enjoyed some music, prepared and ate a few meals, watched some fun YouTube videos, and still I managed to get what I needed to get done-minus the panic. I will not lie. I am tired. But I feel content knowing that I managed the day well.

I feel like the best part of it all was that I thoroughly enjoyed what I was doing. It was hectic, but not bothersome. And I felt like I was supposed to be doing this work. What a great feeling.

This is a rather enjoyable feeling, a feeling of being able to manage things day and day out. It has to do with where your mind is at I suppose. And how you choose to respond in the moment. I sound like I have it mastered. Ha! Hardly. But it does feel like it’s getting a bit easier. And I know that it won’t always feel this way, but I feel like I am going to maintain it. I am choosing to maintain it—and it feels sustainable.



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