Day 76/365: Mastery

I read something the other day about how control over your thoughts can truly shape how you respond and experience the world—particularly your every day. And I’ve read this before, but somehow it either didn’t make sense or I couldn’t put it into action—or both.

But for some reason, when I read this the other day, it just made sense. So I vowed that the next time I felt overwhelmed, I would just adjust my thoughts. Well, today I was able to put that into practice. I had been waiting to hear back from a few clients on some assignments. Well they all replied today and another one I wasn’t expecting also came in.

The project work for most of these assignments is essentially due by week’s end. Woosah. Before today, I would have panicked at the thought of juggling all these deadlines. And I know a eczema rash would have been imminent. But, not today.

I actually did some self-talk where I said, “You got this.” And I actually believed it this time. I’ve tried to do this in the past with not much success honestly. I was just fooling myself. And my body knew it and would let me know with eczema, as if to say, “Ha, nice try. But nah.” But this time, this time was different. I dove into my work and did.not.panic. I felt confident, capable and ready to tackle all that I had to do. I knew I was able. And I felt proud of myself. And I wasn’t just fooling myself. I had no eczema rash outbreak and I finished what was due the next day in a reasonable time. No ruminating. No stress. And I actually enjoyed the process. I took the assignment as a fun challenge. And I aced that shit.

I feel so fuckin’ proud of myself.

Can’t wait to do it again—and again, and again.


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