Day 73/365: Connection

Ahhh, such a wonderful day. I spent the early afternoon interviewing a friend, who I like to call a quiet storm, for a women’s workshop I”m co-creating and co-facilitating. This workshop features interviews with powerful women, and I’m lucky enough to have a friend who is an incredibly powerful woman in the LGBTQ+ space and who was generous and gracious enough to give me her time.

It was an incredible interview not only because of the insights she shared but also because it made me realize the value of connection.

During the interview I asked her about the value of our stories, and she said that a key part of it was how they connect people. When storytellers share their stories, there’s a vulnerability that comes through, and when you’re vulnerable, you are also relatable. And people can see themselves in you. They are you. You are them. And where there may have been a void between you and them, there is now a bridge.

This bridge is how we find ourselves, how we show up as our true selves. It’s an awakening. And it makes us realize that we are not alone in this crazy, mixed up world. And that we share incredibly similar experiences. And these experiences when shared through the lens of one person shine a light on how similar we all are. And maybe, just maybe, it also means that we’re all okay—just the way we are.


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