Day 71&72/365: Rested & Triumphant

So I fell down on the job and failed to post yesterday because I “took a nap,” which bled into a full night’s sleep. Oy! So today I slept in because I was simply exhausted. But when I awoke, I felt refreshed and I was able to dive into all the work I had to do. I had to transcribe an interview, do 2 videoconferencing calls, get some content written for a launch and then migrate a website. Not to mention I also had to eat a few meals and pee. And there were some other things I checked off my to do list like billing, signing contracts, etc.

And I managed to get it all done. With my sanity intact. I was so worried about getting it all done that I was willing to forego a little sleep. I was going to go to be late and wake up early. But I went to bed early and slept in a little late, and by doing so, I had enough energy to tackle all these projects.

I am learning how important it is to get proper rest so you can fulfill all the things you need to do in a day’s time. And without that rest, you simply are not nearly as productive as you could be if you slept. So I encourage everyone to practice good sleep hygiene where you get on a regular sleep schedule and take naps when your body tells you that you need one.

And speaking of rest, I’m going to get my fill right now so I have the energy to manage the rest of these project.

G’night and rest well!


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