Day 70/365: Supportive

I have always loved stories. I’m not talking about the ones in books necessarily, but stories of real, live people. I find these the most fascinating of all. Stories like Humans of New York that are just out there but that you may not have heard. Stories that are compelling, provocative and that matter because they are your neighbor, friend, teacher, parent or simply just another human being trying to make it on this planet.

It’s not only important that we hear these stories, but I think it’s important that we support these stories so that they gain more exposure and others are encouraged to tell their stories.

With that I am encouraging you to support an Indiegogo project titled: My Mama Wears Timbs about a young woman who has a masculine style and an incredible heart yearning for motherhood. It’s a short done by YouTuber and innovator Ari Fitz where she styles the mom-to-be for a maternity shoot. But it’s not going to be your typical shoot since Frankie, the mom-to-be is a tomboy.

When I first wrote this post earlier today, the project had not yet been fully funded, but it is now, and has even surpassed its goal. Full disclosure: I have no ties to this project, but feel it’s essence is important nonetheless. It’s something we don’t see often, but it’s so important and needs to be made visible. So please help support this project by sharing it with a friend or someone who may benefit from seeing it. We are all in this together and we all have stories to tell. Let’s help get this one told, which hopefully will give rise to even more like it.


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