Day 69/365: Productive

Today was a whirlwind type of day where I had a crap ton to do—and I still do—but I managed to navigate through the day with relative ease. I had 9 things to accomplish on my to do list and I managed to tick off 7 of them. Not bad.

What surprised me the most was that even though I had a lot to do, I didn’t get overwhelmed or panicky. The weather was nice, which helped. And I grabbed a few random CDs to listen to in the car while I drove around running errands. It actually felt freeing to be able to get the list of things I had to do done without feeling like I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off.

Although I managed to successfully spin many plates today, I did drop a few. I didn’t eat when I started to get hungry so by the time I made time to eat, I had a terrible headache. And to make matters worse, I still had a deadline to hit, and the headache was not making it any easier. So, I drank some coke, which helped to take the edge off and I was able to hit my deadline. Note: I am not an advocate of drinking soda, but in this instance, it beat taking medicine that has side effects worse than the headache itself.

I recognize that I have to get better about stopping to take a break to provide nourishment for myself. I did do it somewhat in that I chose to listen to music I enjoy while getting stuff done. Music nourishes the soul and spirit. But I need to also nourish my body.

You would think that getting severe headaches would actually encourage me to stop and eat, but oftentimes I tend to err on the side of task completion vs. nourishing myself. In the end it costs me practically every time. The tasks will always remain; even when I complete one, there is another waiting in the wings. So when hunger hits, I just have to stop and take care of myself.

As a woman, this is not an intuitive thing. Our natural inclination is to nurture everyone else, and ourselves last—if at all. Since I’m aware of it, I can choose to do better.

I have a long list again of things to accomplish tomorrow. Let’s hope I take time out to refuel so that I have enough energy to get done what I need to get done.

Wish me luck!


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