Day 66/365: Proud

Today filled me with pride. I felt so proud as an aunt and actually felt like I was actually making a difference in young people’s lives.

First, my niece who is only 8 years old completed her black belt in tae kwon do. I was there for her testing and for the belt ceremony and she was and is amazing! So proud if her.

Then her brother my nephew told me how he was working on a school project and he had to create his memoir. It was essentially a book project that detailed memories he had growing up. When he finished telling me about the project, he said, “And I dedicated the memoir to you because of all the deep conversations we have.” I was so humbled and deeply honored and proud that he had chosen me.

Then lastly another nephew who is also my godson called to tell me he was able to have impact and influence on another person’s life because of my influence on his. And he called to thank me for having that impact on him.

You never know how you touch people’s lives, particularly the ones you love. I am so proud of everything these young people have accomplished—and will accomplish.

And I’m truly proud to be able to bask in the rays of their incredible light.


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