Day 65/365: Disengaged

I saw two theater productions in 48 hours. So I feel like I should be buzzing with excitement right now. Because they both were good and both were musicals. And yet I have never felt so disengaged.

I sat through both productions as if I was watching paint dry. Usually at these types of events I’m engaged and very present. But over the past two days while watching these productions my mind has been wandering. And I end up missing key components of the show.

I have no idea what’s going on with me. Snap out of already, girl! I want to scream at myself. Pull yourself together. But that doesn’t really help.

I’ll have to take some time to dive into the root cause. From there I can determine just what’s at the source of all of this.

All I know is it doesn’t feel quite right. To be continued …



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