Day 60/365: Choices

Wow, I’m 60 days into this project. I’ve already experienced a whole range of feelings so I can’t imagine how 365 days might feel. But I digress …

So I know that I’m supposed to be tuning in to myself and not relying on external influences to get me to feel, but I kind of cheated today.

I randomly consulted my Ask Your Guides Oracle card deck and I drew the Decisions | Higher Self card.

When I consulted the companion book it all made sense. There are some things that I have done by schedule that are not really benefitting me in any big way so I was debating whether to do them in specific days or just do them when the spirit moves me. It was hard, but I relented and decided to do the latter.

I feel it’s becoming super important for me to do what I’m feeling in any moment vs. being a slave to a schedule. Now don’t get me wrong. Schedules can work for many things—just not this.

So from here on out I will check in with how I’m feeling and honor that.



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