Day 57/365: Breakthrough

I’ve generally known that I’m not particularly good at starting things. It takes me a minute to find my groove and feel confident. I’ve always envied people who could just hit the ground running. But once I get my footing, I’m unstoppable. Like an Acela Express train en route from DC to Boston.

I’m starting a new project and I became so overwhelmed with what I didn’t know that I felt like I was drowning and I was dreading the process of even starting. But when I sat down to think about the project, I recognized that I need to focus on what I do know and what I do have at my fingertips. I had plenty of resources to pull from and I had to actually tell myself: This is your wheelhouse. You do this well so do what you do.

And when I did that, I actually could feel my body relax and my mind started to kick into high gear. And starting the project felt more like coasting rather than slogging through mud. It honestly felt like a breakthrough. Hoorah! And it felt good to be able to change my mind about my situation and have it correct itself so quickly.

Hopefully, I can sustain that thinking—and that feeling—until I really start cruising.


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