Day 56/365: Relief!

For the past few days I have had a knot at the base of my neck. I have a fairly high tolerance for pain, but this had become chronic—and excruciating. The muscle was so taut that it felt like a rubber band ready to snap, complete with stinging pain.

I thought maybe it was due to my sinus infection. Perhaps drainage had moved into my neck. But my sinuses were bothering me on my left side and this pain was on my right. So that wasn’t it.

And then today I was talking with my work wife about something and it dawned on me what the pain was from. I had had a conversation over the weekend about whether I would take an opportunity offered to me about a week ago. I had all but decided to do it, but then while having this particular conversation over the weekend, I wasn’t so sure. Then after the conversation ended, I was much less inclined to accept it, but I wanted to sit with it for another day to be sure.

By the next day, I had made up my mind that it would probably not be a partnership I was interested in pursuing. And that’s when the pain really kicked in. I had made the decision, and felt very good about it. However, I had yet to tell the individual who had offered me the opportunity what my final decision was.

It didn’t seem to be a big deal—at least not in my conscious mind, but apparently in my subconscious mind it was a HUGE deal. And even when you think you’ve got something licked, your body will let you know in very short order if you’re lying to yourself.

My body was essentially saying to me, “Although you may think letting this person know your decision is not a big deal, it’s really a pain in the neck. And until you deal with it, you will not get relief.”

And I didn’t really recognize it until I had the subsequent conversation with my work wife. It hit me like a ton of bricks, especially because the pain had grown in intensity. So as soon as I finished up with my work wife, I sat down to write the email to let the person know I would not be taking the opportunity.

As soon as I finished drafting the email and rereading it, I hit Send. And 5 minutes later, the severe pain in my neck had gone down from a 10 (horrible pain) to a 4 (bearable pain and just very sore). Hallelujah! I was overjoyed. Sweet relief.

Not only did I feel relieved of the pain, but I also felt relieved to be finally getting the decision off my chest—or neck as the case may be. Full disclosure here: I am a practitioner of energy medicine so I have an innate understanding of how your emotions can affect your energy and your body. But sometimes you forget that the same principles you encourage others to grasp and take action on are the very same ones you need to do as well.

So here’s my advice: Listen to your body when it’s talking to you. Do not ignore the signs and symptoms. They’re there for a reason—mainly so that you can address them and help your body heal. We are all so powerful and yet far too often we end up giving our power away to others and/or things outside of ourselves that can’t offer the relief and support can offer ourselves.

Here’s hoping you really tune in.






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